Armor augments the strength and carrying capacity of the player, with heavier armors providing greater strength and protection at the cost of agility. Both male and female armors are available in light and medium configurations, but heavy armor is unisex. Armors can only be purchased at inventory stations at a cost of team energy, depending upon the armor. Medium and heavy armors are more expensive than light armors. There are three classes of armors worn by the tribes:

Light ArmorEdit

  • Armor-Light
    Speed: Fast
  • Protection: Low
  • Weight: Light
  • Max. Weapon Load: 3

Classified as light armor, Peltast offers the least resistance to weapon fire but gives the wearer almost unrestricted mobility and freedom of motion. The armor jets on this armor allow the wearer to traverse large distances in a single burst.

Medium ArmorEdit

  • Armor-Medium
    Speed: Medium
  • Protection: Moderate
  • Weight: Medium
  • Max. Weapon Load: 4

Not quite light, not quite heavy, Hoplite falls in between the two extremes. While it offers far more protection from weapon fire than Peltast, it does not have the jump range the lighter armor offers.

Heavy ArmorEdit

  • Armor-Heavy
    Speed: Slow
  • Protection: High
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Max. Weapon Load: 5

The wearer of Myrmidon armor is essentially a miniature Herc, capable of taking tremendous amounts of punishment. Conversely, this armor is extremely slow and its armor jets will get it only a few meters off of the ground.

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