In Starsiege: Tribes there are a number of Base Assets which are permanent fixtures pre-positioned on a map; they are listed below:

See Also: Turrets


All power for a base — for turrets, stations, doors, etc. — comes from its generators. Without power, these devices will not function. The larger Solaris and smaller Tokamak are most frequently used. In a well-lit environment, solar panels are also used to produce energy. Enemy tribes often target generators, so be sure to defend them well. These, like most other objects, can be repaired with the repair pack.

Inventory StationEdit

From here, you can “buy” and “sell” equipment and weapons and refit the player as you want . A remote version of this station also exists that can be deployed out in the battlefield. It has a limited inventory as compared to the larger version, and a limited energy supply. Once this supply is exhausted, the station will no longer function. In addition, both the permanent and remote stations will also repair your armor as long as you are standing within range.

Ammo StationEdit

This station automatically reloads your ammunition to its maximum, but only for the weapons you are currently carrying. There is also a remote version of this station as well.

Command StationEdit

The command station is used to gain access to remote objects, like turrets.

Vehicle StationEdit

Similar to the ammo and inventory stations, you can purchase vehicles here, such as the scout flyer and personnel carrier. Once purchased, a vehicle will appear on the vehicle pad, ready to pilot.

Base SensorEdit

The Horus (long range) and Oracle (short range) are found on fixed surfaces. Pulse sensors are strictly line-of-sight and cannot penetrate terrain features. They are always active as long as they have power. They can also be jammed.


Remote cameras also increase the sensor range. Anything that comes within their field of view is added to your sensor network. Like all deployable devices, it has its own internal power supply.

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