As mentioned before in the BB definition. This weapon can not only deflect

projectiles, but also other players. This weapon is limited to medium class armor. Since you can guide the buckler when it's thrown, it's possible to hit a player twice in one throw (once when it's thrown, and once as it returns). Simply holding the buckler can deflect projectiles, but this takes a lot of practice because the buckler only covers about 40% of your body. The buckler is the main reason why mediums can be better on the flag stand then a HOF. There are few things funnier in T:V then when a capper is skiing towards your flag at 150mph+ and you BB back in the direction he came from. On a map like Emerald, it might be a good idea to BB the player into the fence. If you have turrets set up close to your flag, even better. not only will you stop the caper dead in his/her tracks, but they'll be dead in a few seconds as well.

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