The Laser Targeter used for Call-ins

Call-Ins are special actions that any player may take by spending credits earned in a match. They are sent down onto the map by ships orbiting the planet above. To use a Call-in, a player must press the hotkey for the desired action (default hotkeys are 3, 4, and 5). The player then uses a laser to paint the target area. The amount of time the player must paint the target is different for each action. While targeting the player must keep the beam on a valid surface or partially reset the timer. Once a player has used a Call-In, they must wait for a cool-down period before using the same call-in again. During this time the player may use a different call-in or other players may use the same one if they have enough credits to do so. There are three Call-Ins, listed below:

Tactical StrikeEdit

A Tactical Strike calls-in a heavy bombardment over a small area. Each player or asset caught in the blast takes 10000 damage; enough to kill anything outright. Cappers sometimes use these to clear the flag stand as they come in for a grab. A Tactical Strike has a moderate targeting time, and costs 4000 credits.

Supply DropEdit

A Supply Drop calls-in destroyable Inventory Station on the painted area. This station functions exactly like any other station, except that it does not regenerate health. Supply Drops are often used to place a station closer to the flag base to aid in defense, or by offensive players who need to reload their weapons, such as Juggernauts using mortar strikes. Supply Drop costs 2000 credits to call-in and has a short targeting time. This can also be used as a weapon, as it deals 16000 damage to anything below it, though you must lead with it as it cannot be used ontop of something.

Orbital StrikeEdit

An Orbital Strike works just like a Tactical Strike except the blast radius is much bigger. This call-in can cover the entire enemy base (or the player's one if it is overrun) and will destroy anything caught in it's blast. There is a warning siren just prior to the strike and the clouds in the sky begin to swirl, giving players a few moments to try and take cover. An Orbital Strike costs 10000 credits to call-in and has a long targeting time.

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