A Capper is a player whose job is to capture (cap) the enemy team's flag. Although any player can capture a flag, the Pathfinder class is usually used for this role. Capping is a skill that is very simple in concept, but can be challenging in practice, especially for new players who are just learning one of Tribes: Ascend's core mechanics: skiing.

Role EssentialsEdit

A skilled capper has mastered the basic Tribes mechanics of Skiing, Jetting, and Disk- or Nitron-Jumping. This player’s job is not just to take the enemy’s flag but to actually return with it to their team’s base. To this end the capper must be able to leave the enemy flag stand alive and with enough speed to escape the enemy Chasers. Grabbing the flag while moving slowly is called Llama Grabbing and is a sure way to earn the enmity of your teammates; especially other cappers who are not able to successfully grab the flag because a llama moved it out of position. This is why practicing flag routes beforehand is essential to being a good capper. It is also important for cappers to be aware of their own Health Regeneration; so that they come into the flag stand with as much health as possible. Performing a disk- or nitron-jump too close to the enemy base will drain the cappers health and prevent regeneration, thereby giving the defenders an easier target.


Although the weapons chosen by a player are a matter of personal preference there are a few other essential pieces of equipment that are used by most skilled cappers.

  • Impact Nitrons are used to boost the capper’s speed. They create a large amount of knockback when thrown at the ground behind the player which pushes them forward at a higher speed. These items can only be used to self-propel prior to a flag grab however, as they will cause the capper to drop the flag if used while carrying.
  • Thrust Packs give the player a large boost of speed at the start of a flag route and can also allow them to change direction quickly to avoid being caught after grabbing the flag.
  • Egocentric is a perk which allows the player to take less damage when using their weapons to self-propel. This allows the use of more disk- or nitron-jumps to gain speed during a flag route.
  • Reach is a perk with increases the margin for error when grabbing a flag. When fully upgraded this perk gives enough reach to allow the capper to ski next to a HoF and still grab the flag around (or above) him.

Voice CommandsEdit

During any match it is important to let your teammates know what you are doing so they can coordinate their efforts. Using the following VGS commands will allow the other members of your team to help you get the flag.

  • VSAF – I will go for the enemy flag. This command is used to tell the team you will play capper.
  • VFF – I have the flag! This command is used to inform your team that you are about to grab the flag and they should hit the flag stand with everything they have.
  • VAD – Disrupt the enemy defense! This command is used to tell your team that you need help clearing the flag stand so you can escape with the flag.
  • VFT – Take the flag from me! This command is used to tell your team that you are injured and need someone to take the flag you are carrying so the enemy doesn’t retrieve it from you.
  • VFG – Give me the flag! This command responds to the previous VFT command that you will take the flag from the capper.
  • VNS – I need support! This command is used to call for general support and is often paired with other commands such as VAD or VFF.
  • VVH – Help! This command is used when you are about the be killed and need immediate assistance.

Flag RoutesEdit

There are many flag routes for every map and it would be impossible to list them all. The links below refer to video guides from skilled cappers and provide a first-hand look at some common routes. For more routes see the YouTube links next to the videos or check the map-specific pages on this wiki.

Drydock Route by TheSmallKiwiBird

Crossfire Routes by FreshM

Katabatic Route by TheSmallKiwiBird

Arx Novena Routes by Vol1tion

Temple Ruins Route by TheSmallKiwiBird

Sunstar Route by TheSmallKiwiBird

Raindance Routes by Vol1tion

Tartarus Routes by Vol1tion

Video GuidesEdit

See the video links below for more information about capping from some experts in the field: Beginner Skiing Guide by Zeromethanol (DoubleCrossGaming)

Basic Capper's Guide by TheSmallKiwiBird

Disk- and Nitron-Jumping by TheSmallKiwiBird

Adv. Capping Guide by TheSmallKiwiBird

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