Weapons in Tribes: Ascend are divided into several categories, based on how they function. While there are many subcategories of weapons (see below), most fit into the following groups:


Spinfusors are straight-firing, long-range weapons that explode on impact. They are the iconic weapons of the Tribes series. Some examples of spinfusors are:

Light Spinfusor
Heavy Spinfusor
Stealth Spinfusor

Ballistic WeaponsEdit

Ballistic weapons are similar to Spinfusors except they are affected by gravity and thus have a shorter range due to projectile drop. Ballistic weapons fire in arcs. Some examples of ballistic weapons are:

Bolt Launcher
Fusion Mortar
Arx Buster

Projectile WeaponsEdit

Projectile weapons fire bullet-like rounds that do not suffer projectile drop due to gravity. They are typically long-range weapons with a high rate-of-fire. Some examples of projectile weapons are:

Assault Rifle
Nova Blaster
Rhino SMG

Hitscan WeaponsEdit

Hitscan weapons instantly hit any target in their crosshair if it is within range. Players do not need to lead targets with hitscan weapons. Some examples of hitscan weapons are:

Eagle Pistol
Phase Rifle
Sawed-Off Shotgun

Thrown WeaponsEdit

Thrown Weapons are usually belt items such as grenades. Some are time-detonated and some explode on impact. Some examples of thrown weapons are:

Impact Nitron
Frag Grenade
Fractal Grenade
EMP Grenade

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