Chain Cannon
Equipment Slot Primary Weapon
Class Doombringer
Damage Type Projectile



Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 115 (86)
Attack Interval 0.13 (n/a)
DPS 923
Ammo Count 200 (250)

Upgrade 1 +25 ammo
Upgrade 2 -15% Spinup Time
Upgrade 3 +25 ammo
Upgrade 4 -15% Spinup Time

Gold cost 160
XP cost 18000

The Chain Cannon is a projectile weapon variant used by the Doombringer class in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 160 Gold or 18000 XP.

"If the Chaingun is relentless, the Chain Cannon is the right hand of oblivion. While not technically a cannon, it's been tooled for larger rounds and more damage, resulting in the popular if incorrect name." In Game Description


The Chain Cannon is a variant of the Chain Gun which deals about 20 more damage per round but has a slightly slower ROF. This trade-off does not significantly affect the overall DPS between the two weapons in skilled hands, although the Chain Cannon can deal more damage overall without reloading.

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