Dangerous Crossing
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Map Size Medium
Terrain Type Hills
Remake? Yes
Capture the Flag Yes
Flag Exposure Limited
Base Turrets 1
Capture and Hold No
CTF Blitz No
Team Deathmatch No
Arena No
Rabbit No

Dangerous Crossing is a Capture the Flag map in Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes: Ascend. It consists of two tower bases at either end of a long bridge surrounded by several small valleys. It is the first CTF map in Tribes: Ascend which lacks a Generator. Dangerous Crossing was added to the quickplay rotation in the Blitz update.


The terrain on Dangerous Crossing consists of green hills and deep valleys. The fog on this map is the most dense of any other Tribes: Ascend map, making it difficult to see approaching enemies at a distance.


The towers on this map are multi-leveled with a Radar Sensor on top. There is an Inventory Station on the hill behind the tower. Below the sensor is a Base Turret. The flag is in the center of the bottom level and can be grabbed by skiing through the tower from the sides or by dropping from above.



For capturing the flags, use the deep valleys in front of each base to quickly escape, as taking the bridge leaves you open to Sentinel fire.

Almost any of the heavy classes can be an invaluable assest on this map, as shelling out the enemy base as a Juggernaut can help your team in many ways.


As a Technician, setting up turrets near the flag is close to pointless, as enemies usually zip past too quickly for the turrets to target them. However, setting them up on the second floor of the tower base can assist your Sentinels from being backstabbed. You do not need to defend a generator, as there is not one to defend.

Doombringer can be an important class on this map, setting up forcefields in the base to defend the flag can allow for Sentinels to set up claymores around the flag. The Chain Gun or Saber Launcher can kill incoming and outgoing flag cappers.

An Infiltrator can be helpful as a defensive class on this map, but other than placing Prism Mines near the flag, this class cannot do much beyond killing snipers on this map.

Sentinels Claymore Mines can defend the flag as well as reveal Infiltrators trying to sabatoge your defenses. Sniping incoming and outgoing enemies will make you an invaluable assest to you team as well. Sitting on the back hills makes you a harder target, but incoming enemies might circle around your base and kill you with heavier weaponry.

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