EMP Grenade XL
Equipment Slot Belt Item (Thrown)
Class Raider
Damage Type Explosive



Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 500 (500-150)
Ammo Count 1 (2)

Upgrade 1 +1 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +10% Radius
Upgrade 3 +20% Energy Drain

Gold cost 160
XP cost 18000
Mastering cost 15000

The EMP Grenade XL is a thrown explosive weapon variant used by the Raider class in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 160 Gold or 18000 XP. This weapon is sometimes banned in competetive play.

"EMP grenades cause damage and energy drain to those caught in the blast. This variant has a larger radius and drains the same amount, but deals less damage" In-Game Description


The EMP XL is a decent sidegrade to the Raider's standard EMP Grenade. Although it deals 100 less damage, this grenade has a much larger radius. This means the Raider can push aside flag defenders and leave them without energy to quickly get back into position. It also makes them easy targets since they have no energy to jet away from the Raider's other weapons.

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