EXR Turret
Equipment Slot Deployable Pack
Class Technician
Damage Type Explosive

Damage 380

Upgrade 1 -15% Turret Lock Delay
Upgrade 2 +1 Turret Deploy Limit
Upgrade 3 +25% Damage vs Armored

Gold cost 500
XP cost 88000
Mastering cost 15000

The EXR Turret is a deployable pack used by the Technician class in Tribes: Ascend. It was released in the Blitz update and can be unlocked for 500 Gold or 88000 XP. It is also included in the Specialist Bundle.

"The EXR Turret has a longer range than the Light Turret and fires a small explosive rocket. It deals less focused damage than the Light Turret, but makes up for it with flexability." In-Game Description.


The EXR Turret uses a holographic representation to let the Technician know where to deploy it. Once deployed, it automatically targets and fires upon enemy players when they come into range. The EXR fires dumb-fire rockets similar to the Doombringer's Titan Launcher that deal 380 damage on a direct hit. Unlike some early leaked videos suggested, the EXR does not fire seeking missles. Although 2 EXRs must be placed a fair distance apart (just like Light Turrets), EXRs and LTs can be placed right next to each other.


Because the missiles are dumb-fire and travel slowly relative to the Light Turret, more care should be taken when placing it. While the concept of a long-range turret sounds like it's perfect for outdoors, it has difficulty hitting targets at long range due to the speed of its missiles. Therefore, the EXR is most effectively used when it can see it's target coming in on a straight vector (such as the flag stand), or in hallways or corridors where enemies will be more likely to be running directly towards it. Each missile hits roughly five times harder than a light turret shot, though the turret fires much more slowly. This makes it less effective at taking out lone targets, but in numbers the turrets can make short work of lightly armored enemies and pack on a fair bit of initial damage to heavier ones. Added with the improved range and damage, these can be invaluable for defending large Generator rooms and corridors.

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