Energy pack

The Energy Recharge Pack

Energy in Tribes is a part of the player's armor that serves multiple purposes depending on loadout. Primarily, energy is used for jetpacking, which is one of the core mechanics of Tribes gameplay. In some Tribes games, energy is also used as a form of ammunition for certain weapons.

Improving Available EnergyEdit

All Tribes games include some form of Energy Pack which adds to the total energy pool available to the player. In most games this pack also improves the rate at which Energy recharges. In Tribes: Ascend this feature is divided into a seperate Energy Recharge Pack and is available to different classes than the standard Energy Pack. Other ways to improve the player's energy include Perks Ultra Capacitor I & II, Potential Energy and Survivalist. Some classes also have armor upgrades which provide permenant energy increase.

Weapons that use EnergyEdit

In Tribes/Tribes 2 the following weapons use Energy to fire:

  • Blaster
  • Laser Rifle
  • Shocklance (T2 only)

In Tribes: Ascend the Phase Rifle uses energy to fire, but also requires regular ammunition.

Packs that use EnergyEdit

The following packs use Energy to operate:

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