Grievers are tribeless warriors in the Tribes universe. They were originally scavengers who picked over battlefields and mourned (or grieved) the dead. They eventually evolved into a loose clan of smugglers and pirates. The distinction between them and the Tribal's is that they have no honor. The Griever is a skin for the Raider class in Tribes: Ascend.


The Griever's armor has pieces of various Tribes taken either as trophies or looted from corpses. He has a Diamond Sword and a Blood Eagle helmet on his hip (although he wears no helmet himself), a Children of Phoenix belt and a BioDerm skull on his shoulder (this is the first information on BioDerms in Tribes: Ascend). He also comes with a default reddish orange boost, which can give the illusion of fire from long distance. The Griever also wears an eye patch, which displays his many battles in the years of his living. The sight of a Griever can wreck the soul of many; you are usually facing one of the honoured and respected, yet barbaric and merciless inhabitants of the Tribes universe.

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