These items are used by players in Starsiege: Tribes but are not included in other categories.

Repair PatchEdit

A one-shot fix, the repair patch restores a percentage of your armor. To use, simply run into one. These are found primarily in deathmatch-style missions.

Repair KitEdit

Larger but more effective, the repair kit restores a percentage of your armor. It can be stored in your personal inventory for future use. Only one may be carried at a time. To use, press H.

Target BeaconsEdit

These small items function similarly to the targeting laser. Deploy one and it creates a target for your entire team. They are ideal for placing at an enemy base for multiple heavy mortars to aim at. Just be sure to get out of the way before the shells come flying in! Up to three beacons may be carried at any one time. To deploy, press B.

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