Light Defense (LD) is a term for a player in light armor (sometimes medium, if the term is used loosely) who stays near the team’s base and defends the flag from enemy players. They also spot enemy Cappers and Heavy Offense for the rest of the team. An LD differs from a Chaser, although they can shift to that role if necessary. LD is usually played by Pathfinders or Infiltrators.

Role EssentialsEdit

Light Defense is usually played in one of two ways. Pathfinders play LD by intercepting enemy players who are trying to disrupt flag defense and harass the HoF. They also try to stop Cappers by hitting them with Impact Nitrons just after they grab the flag. If the capper escapes, the Pathfinder LD can change roles to chaser and attempt to retrieve the flag.

The second type of LD is the Infiltrator. Like the Pathfinder, the Infiltrator LD tries to stop enemy disruption before they can clear the flag stand. They can also attempt to intercept enemy cappers at the flag. The Infiltrator’s Stealth Pack allows them to hide at the flag and try to Melee strike cappers as they come in for a grab. Occasionally they can also use the Super Heavy perk to act like an invisible barrier to cappers, but this is usually ineffective when the enemy disruption is doing their job (since the Infiltrator cannot take very much damage). The Jackal can also be used to set a trap on the flag and detonated when the capper comes in. Finally, Infiltrators can use their Prism Mines to defend the flag while they are playing LD.


Light Defense is a versatile role and therefore the equipment used varies by player; however there are a few useful items that should be mentioned.

  • Impact/Compact Nitrons – These weapons are useful for intercepting the capper just as they grab the flag. Standing near the flag stand, the LD spots the incoming capper and throws the Nitron just as the capper comes in, forcing them to drop the flag right after they pick it up.
  • Explosive Weapons – Although weaponry is a matter of preference, explosive weapons are useful because, like Nitrons, they can be used to fire on the flag stand just as the capper comes in, often finishing they off if the were damaged by other defenses.
  • Survivalist – The perk is useful for LD because it allows the player to regain health and energy more quickly from ammo drops (which are plentiful around the base/flag stand) and thus they can move around more quickly and fight longer.

Voice CommandsEdit

'VSDB – I'll defend our base!' This command tells your team that you will be defending. They can tell you are a Light class by your voice (assuming you don't use a custom voice pack).

Video GuidesEdit

Doing Work as Light Defense by Vol1tion

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