A Llama in Tribes is a player who grabs the enemy flag at a very low speed (such as walking). Taking the flag this way is known as a Llama Grab and awards an accolade of the same name. Llamas are very vulnerable to enemy defenders because they cannot easily outrun them and are usually killed. Because of this, Llama grabbing is typically frowned upon by experienced players who cannot grab the flag at high speed since the Llama removed it from the stand. Although Llamas are commonly thought to be newer players who don’t know the finer points of the game, Llama grabbing is just as common among higher level players in public servers.

There are situations in which Llama grabs are generally acceptable. For example when the enemy flag carrier is about to capture the flag, a Llama E-Grab (Emergency Grab) is a great way to prevent the cap. In this situation the player grabs the flag as soon as possible, no matter how fast they are going, to prevent the other team from scoring. Even if this move only keeps the flag off the stand for a few seconds, it may be enough for a teammate to return the flag.

Llama Grab
The Llama grab accolade (left) awards 150 credits

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