Click Image for Full Size
Map Size Small
Terrain Type Grassy Hills
Remake? No
Capture the Flag No
Capture and Hold Yes
Control Points 3
CTF Blitz No
Team Deathmatch Yes
Arena No
Rabbit Yes

Outskirts is a Team Deathmatch, Rabbit, and Capture and Hold map in the game Tribes: Ascend.


Outskirts takes place on the same world as Arx Novena. The terrain is plains with rolling hills and mountains in the background. Their is also a prominent city in the distance. Buildings and some ruins scatter the landscape.

Capture and HoldEdit

C&H games on Outskirts have three control points:

  1. Point A is located in the large building in the center of the map.
  2. Point B is located in a small villa on one of the outer hills.
  3. Point C is located under an arch on the opposite side of the map from Point B.

    Control Points on Outskirts

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