Phase Rifle
Equipment Slot Primary Weapon
Class Sentinel
Damage Type Sniper Projectile


Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 125-510 (Based on Energy)
Attack Interval 5.567s
Clip Size 4 (5)
Ammo Count 29 (37)

Upgrade 1 +8 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +1 Clip Size
Upgrade 3 -20% Damage Falloff
Upgrade 4 -30% Reload Time

Gold cost 780
XP cost 100000

The Phase Rifle is a sniper weapon used by the Sentinel class in Tribes: Ascend. It's upgrade structure is identical to that of the BXT1 Rifle. This weapon can be unlocked for 500 Gold or 44000 XP.


The Phase Rifle is a sniper weapon similar to the BXT1 Rifle, although it has slightly different firing mechanics. It can fire unscoped without damage or accuracy reduction. Same as with the BXT1, its scope has 2.75x and 5.66x zoom settings.

Each shot will drain up to 90 energy depending on how much is in the player's pool. Its magazine holds 4 rounds, up to 5 with the 2nd upgrade. Once all ammo upgrades have been unlocked, the gun spawns with a full magazine and 32 remaining rounds.

It deals damage based on the energy the player has available, with a maximum damage of 510 at 90 energy. The curve for the damage output is linear, and is x*(55/9) if x is above 23, if not the damage will be 125 whatsoever, for x being the energy [citation needed]. Additional energy does not affect damage, as it is not consumed.

The weapon does not damage armored vehicles and base turrets, but will damage shrikes, light turrets and forcefields.

It is hitscan, but some servers may have hit registration delay issues, so aiming slightly ahead of your enemy may work better on certain servers.


The Phase Rifle as seen in-game, normal size.


  • The Phase Rifle is one of the most expensive weapons in the game, in terms of Gold and Experience.
  • The Phase Rifle and SAP 20 are currently the only weapons to use both Energy and ammunition.