Repair Tool
Equipment Slot Repair Tool
Class Any (Swap)
Damage Type Special

Damage 158 dmg/sec (w/ Mechanic)

The Repair Tool (colloquially referred to as the repair gun due to its point-and-click nature) is a device in the Tribes series which is used to repair Base Assets, Vehicles, and (in all games except Tribes: Ascend) players. It emits a beam, usually red in color, which will increase the health of it's target at short range.


In Tribes: Ascend repair tools can be found on the walls around the team's base. The dispensers are marked on the player's HUD by cross-shaped icons. When a player approaches a dispenser it will open and offer a Repair Tool. Pressing the Use key (default G) will swap the current weapon with the Repair Tool. In order to retrieve your weapon after repairing, go to an Inventory Station. To use it simply point the reticle at whatever needs repairing and press the fire button. Hold the button down and the health of the target will gradually increase.

The rate at which the player can make repairs can be increased with the Mechanic perk. This perk will also allow players to use Repair Tools to damage enemy base assets, however the damage rate is quite low so it is rarely useful. It takes about 32 seconds to destroy a Base Turret, and 41 seconds to destroy a generator with Mechanic. Additionally, the Technician comes equipped with an Improved Repair Tool which has a faster repair rate (which also stacks with Mechanic).


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