One of the most misused and least understood weapons. This is the strongest weapon you're going to get your hands on, provided that you know what to use it for, and how. Fortunately for you, I'm going to tell you. firstly, this weapon has a bit of a distance limit to it. If you're too close, the missiles won't arm themselves and will be useless. If you fire them from too far way, they'll do very little damage or none... I don't know why, i just know they do /shrug. Ok, so once you've gotten the hang of firing from the proper distance, lets take a look at your targets: vehicles, and other large and slow moving targets. Not all vehicles are easy to hit with this gun. Fighter pods are very hard to hit. Tanks and rovers are usually stationary, so let them have it. Also, players in heavy armor hug the ground and aren't very fast. As log as you can aim to hit the ground they're next to, the explosion can work down their health.

Most important of all, and the main use for this weapon is: DESTROYING SENSORS! If you figured that out, good for you... not many have (not in the servers I played in). Since sensors have shields that block almost all damage from any conventional weapon, the rocket pod succeeds where others fail. First of all, you're going to need a speed pack. next, find a spot where enemies won't bother you for the next 10 seconds or so. The rockets are guided by your reticle, so stay very still. Zoom in on the sensor, activate the pack and fire 2 rounds. Out of the 12 rockets only 8 or so have to hit to destroy a sensor at full health. This can give your team a bit of an edge at the very beginning of the round. Rush out, take down their sensors before their team can even mobilize. Your cappers will be able to grab the flag with ease since your enemies won't be able to see them coming on the radar.

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