Shield Pack
Brute lHeavy shield pack
Equipment Slot Pack (Self Effect)
Class Raider, Brute

Upgrade 1 Improve Shield Effect
Upgrade 2 -50% Energy Drain
Upgrade 3 Improve Shield Effect

Gold cost 420 (Brute)

Free with class (Raider)

XP cost 75000 (Brute)

Free with class (Raider)

The Shield Pack is used by both the Raider and the Brute classes. When activated, the pack begins to drain energy to put up a defensive barrier. This barrier converts damage into energy loss, rather than hurting the user. This pack can be used to make a player's health pool deceptively large, especially when combined with the Perk "Potential Energy" or "Survivalist". Upgrades add shield effectiveness twice, making the shield have a larger damage threshold before being depleted. At max level, the shield drains approximately one point of energy per 8 points of damage, on top of the standard drain over time when activated. The Raider pack drains at approximately one point of energy at 6.5 points of damage.


A Brute using the Shield Pack