Smoke Grenade
Equipment Slot Belt Item (Thrown)
Class Infiltrator
Damage Type None

Damage 0
Ammo Count 2 (3)

Upgrade 1 +1 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +1 Second Damage Hidden
Upgrade 3 +1 Second Damage Hidden

Gold cost 240
XP cost 42000

The Smoke Grenade is a belt item in the game Tribes: Ascend. It is used by the Infiltrator to help him re-enter Stealth quickly. It can be unlocked for 240 Gold or 42000 XP. This weapon is often banned in competetive play.

"Instantly vanish without waiting the normal reveal time from taking damage or firing a weapon. In addition, remain in stealth for 2 seconds even if you take damage. Firing a weapon will still break stealth." In-Game Description.


The Smoke Grenade allows for instant stealth when attacked, and therefore allows the Infiltrator to play a hit-and-run combat class, at the cost of losing the exceptionally powerful sticky grenades. This weapon negates the normal delay in returning to stealth, allowing the player to effectively stealth at will and even hide when taking damage from enemy weapons.

The smoke grenade, when taken with the Throwing Knives and Jackal, creates a class that is exceptionally good at harassing enemies in the base, but rather weak at destroying tech. When done right, use of the Smoke Grenade makes the Infiltrator able to duel on par with the heavier classes. However, they must be combined with the use of an upgraded Stealth Spinfusor or Jackal to still be useful at destroying even a base level generator.

This item comes with the most tradeoffs, and can be absolutely useless in many situations. Another thing to note is that although the grenade instantly cloaks the player, if you are out of energy at the time the grenade will be completely wasted.

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