The Specialist is a skin for the Technician class in Tribes: Ascend. It was released in the Blitz update and can can be unlocked for 975 Gold.


The Specialist wears glasses inside his helmet. This may be related to the fact that his armor resembles the HEV suit Gordon Freeman wears in the Half-Life series. He also comes with a trademark, easy to notice gold jetpack boost, which, like most other skins, comes as default. Specialists resemble technological precision, using their superior knowledge and tricks in technology to kill mercilessly but efficiently. This can come in the form of his many weapons, including his motion sensors, light/EXR turrets and repair kits. Modifying explosives such as his default grenade, the frag, to have a shorter explosion fuse, is one of the Specialist's many talents and hobbies. This hobby is also displayed in the set of repair tools, including the improved version. The Specialist skin can be unlocked for 975 Gold, but like all other skins can now be purchased for the new lowered price (475 Gold).

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