Equipment Slot Primary Weapon
Class Technician
Damage Type Explosive


Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 425 (425-185)
Clip Size 4
Ammo Count 32 (40)
Reload Type Clip

Upgrade 1 +4 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +20% Damage vs Armored
Upgrade 3 +4 Ammo

Gold cost 500
XP cost 88000
Mastering cost 15000

The TC24 is an explosive weapon used by the Technician class in Tribes: Ascend. It was released in the Blitz update and can be unlocked for 500 Gold or 88000 XP

"The TC24 can fire four short range explosive projectiles before having to reload." In-Game Description.


The TC24 fires energy projectiles in a straight line which explode on impact or after a short delay. The weapon holds four shots per clip and fires much more quickly than the Technicians's Thumper. Although each shot deals less damage compared to the Thumper, the total damage of all four shots is higher, making this weapon a better choice for players who are sure of their aim.


The TC24 in practice is used much like the Plasma Gun. It fires a fairly large projectile that is easy to get midair hits with, and in comparison has a more rapid fire rate, and a fast reload. Its range however is very short, the projectiles will explode at about the same range as the shotgun projectiles disappear. This gives the Technician another option for indoor defense, as the range restriction greatly limits its usefulness outdoors.

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