Target Practice is a training map in Tribes: Ascend. It features Diamond Sword bots in all different types of armor for the player to shoot at. Some bots are stationary and some travel predictable paths both on foot and by jetpack. There are also vehicles and Base Turrets which can be destroyed. Players can quickly reload their weapons or change classes by simply pressing the appropriate class selection hotkey (bound on the numpad by default). The player will earn accolades in Target Practice however they will not be saved to the Player's Profile.

Testing Unowned WeaponsEdit

As part of the v1.0.905.0 update Target Practice now allows players to try out weapons thet they have not yet unlocked. To do this, simply open the Modify Class menu and select the desired weapon from the menu of the class that uses it. The player does not need to be using the appropriate armor to use the weapon; any class may use any weapon in Target Practice. Once choosing the weapon from the menu the player will automatically equip it; they do not need to visit an Inventory Station (in fact this will remove the test weapon).

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