Temple Ruins
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Map Size Large
Terrain Type Volcanic
Remake? No
Capture the Flag Yes
Flag Exposure Very Exposed
Gen Room Entrances 2
Base Turrets 3
Capture and Hold No
CTF Blitz No
Team Deathmatch No
Arena No
Rabbit No

Temple Ruins is a Capture the Flag map in Tribes: Ascend. It features two twin "Temple" bases which have the emblem of the Children of Phoenix tribe on them. This is the only evidence of the Children seen so far in Tribes: Ascend.

Recent changes have caused this map to be removed from rotation. Large-scale map edits where made around the time of the Twinfusor update which were not well received by the community. Shortly thereafter the map was removed from the current public rotation. The information below pertains to the version of Temple Ruins prior to the changes.


Temple Ruins takes place on a volcanic world. Jagged volcanic rock formations litter the map, and active fissures spew out lava. A huge volcano can be seen erupting in the distance.


The two bases here are large temple structures which despite the map's name are in quite good condition. The flag stand is in a courtyard-like area in front of the base and easily accessible from several directions. The Generator is beneath the temple in a large cavern and accessed by two tunnels on either side of the base. There are Inventory Stations in the gen room, scattered around the outside of the temple, as well as one next to the tunnel on the left side of the temple (facing out). Also on this side is the vehicle pad. This map has three Base Turrets, one on each side of the base and one directly in front. The Radar Sensor is on top of the temple and difficult to reach, so it often survives longer than on other maps.


The ridge between the bases is often a hiding spot for Sentinels and Juggernauts looking to harry the flag stand. Players with spinfusors also use this spot to take out Base Turrets. Since the gen room is so easy to access heavies and Raiders will often ski across to attack it, taking out the base turrets on the way. Infiltrators like to hide behind the pillars, above the flag stand, or under the ramp behind it and clear out defenders when a capper is coming in.

Flag RoutesEdit

Cappers commonly come in from the sides on this map and ski through the large hole in the center ridge to escape. Some also like to hide above the flag stand and ski down the ramp behind it to start a run. Another option is to come in over the vehicle pad and be heading on a straight path back to your own base after the grab.


Flag DefenseEdit

Like many CTF maps the flag is very exposed on Temple Ruins. Many Doombringers will deploy force fields between the pillars, but these are easily seen from a long way off and also easy for mortar strikes to destroy. Placing a few Light Turrets outside the pillars and mines between them will catch many cappers who only shoot the flag stand on the way in. Quick replacments are important on any map, but especially here, so calling in an Inventory Station closer to the flag stand is a good idea. Also remember to put a mine or force field on the ramp behind the stand, since many cappers like to hide on the balcony and ski down it to start a flag run. Infiltrators often hide in the small space beneath this ramp, so a mine here will often catch them off guard.


Place mines in between the pillars and put a Force Field at the bottom of the ramp in the back. Use the Chain Gun and keep your eyes open for fast-approaching cappers. You can use the Saber Launcher's tracking feature to help you see them coming from a long way off, but try to switch back the Chain Gun in time to get a few shots in. Super Heavy is a must-have perk as always. Once you have enough credits start calling in Supply Drops to replenish yours mines quickly.


Place your turrets up on the edge of the ring above the flag stand, this will protect them for a little longer while still giving them a good view of incoming cappers. Alternatively you can put them on the ground outside of the flag area where they won't always be hit by mortars. Put a Motion Sensor with each turret and near the flag itself to drain energy from anyone who forgets to shoot it coming in.

Generator DefenseEdit

The gen room on this map is huge and if enemy players get inside it can be very hard to catch them. Both tunnels down to the cavern are too big for a force field to completely cover, and if it's too close to the curved part of the tunnel enemies can destroy it before coming down. Once inside there are many places a skilled Infiltrator can hide, so motion sensors and turrets are essential to point them out for you. The Generator itself can be fired upon from any side, so force fields are of limited help in covering it from enemy fire unless you have several Doombringers on the team. Sentinel's can deploy a drop jammer and add claymores to the entrances which will aid in defense, as will mines, but most important is a player or two to hold the room against enemy offense.


Place turrets on an edge where they can see one entrance as well as down into the bottom level. Remember to change their locations when they are destroyed. Get a Motion Sensor at the end of the conduit shafts ASAP to alert you to Infiltrators and give your turrets something to shoot. Additional sensors can be placed anywhere you think they will hide after getting inside; like behind the wall where the Inv. Stations are or down the shafts that connect to the bottom level.


Deploy a Force Field at each entrance to the gen room but make sure they are far enough inside that you can't see them from outside. Drop a mine in this area too, wherever you think the enemy won't see it. Also consider mines in the shafts that lead to the bottom level as enemies often use these to hide. The saize of this room makes both the Chain Gun and Heavy Bolt Launcher viable options, so go with whichever you're better with.


You can help out by deploying Drop Jammer right on top of the generator housing to reveal Infiltrators who slip inside. Also placing Claymores near the entrances is helpful.

Video GuidesEdit

Flag Route: Front 2 Front by TheSmallKiwiBird

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