Starsiege: Tribes includes many different types of Turrets, which are listed below. Turrets form the primary defensive fortifications for your base. While they are designed to operate automatically, a tribesman using a command station can take command of one using his or her PDA. All turrets, with the exception of the Sentinel, come with a built-in pulse sensor to detect incoming enemies. They are also tied to the sensor network that surrounds a base. Anything they can detect is passed on to the sensor network, just like a pulse sensor. This does, however, make them vulnerable to jamming. All turrets require energy that is provided by the base’s generators.

Remote TurretEdit

The Claptrap miniature turret is a nasty and unexpected surprise for many an enemy. Firing energy bolts and
equipped with a built-in motion sensor, it’s small size makes it ideal for placement indoors, in caves, and in other hard to reach places, or large numbers may be used to create an effective defensive perimeter. There are, however, limitations on the number that can be placed in one area. Because of the weight of the turret, only the medium and heavy armors can bear the weight; light-armored individuals cannot purchase the turret pack from the inventory stations. Like the larger permanent turrets, remote turrets may be controlled via the PDA.

Fusion TurretEdit

The Hellfire fires energy bolts. It is deadly at both short and long range.

Mini Fusion (In-door) TurretEdit

The small Sentinel turret, found primarily indoors, fires pulsed energy bolts. Unlike its larger brethren, it uses a motion sensor instead of a pulse sensor, making it impossible to jam. Clever tribesmen will find that it may be possible to “sneak” past a Sentinel.

Missile TurretEdit

The Diogenes fires energy-seeking missiles from great distances. Vehicles and players using armor jets, having high energy signatures, often fall victim to this turret.

ELF TurretEdit

The Scorpion has a built-in Electron Flux Gun. It drains less power but deals more damage than the handheld version.

Mortar TurretEdit

Using the same mortar available to heavy armor, the Wrath is unmatched for destructive capabilities. Like the
missile turret, the use of a targeting laser greatly increases its accuracy. This turret does not operate automatically like other turrets; it must be manually controlled via a command station.

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