Well Hello again,

It has been just a bit more than week (, ha.

I things are moving along smoothly. The Beginner's Guide is done and now only needs to be criticized. All the Classes have got a high level description. Pushed back from my last blog are the roles/strategies of each class but I feel that those sections should be written by people that have proven themselves as competent player with that class.

I believe that for this week our focus should be on:

  • Maps
Map pages should be able to inform the user about location of all assets, flag stand, simple cappers routes, and basic strategy. I will be inquiring into whether Hi-Rez can offer any assistance in a map overview, since currently my map pictures do not help inform the viewer.
  • Game modes
These pages should focus on the objective, maps played on, strategy.
  • Weapons
Descriptions and any other information. I now see small details on dps are not of utter importance, since they will more than likely change.
  • Updates
Lets keep on top of changes and updates made to Tribes: Ascend.

And if there is time or naturally comes up:

  • Lore and Images
Any interesting information that can be added to pages to give them some flair.
  • Roles/Strategies
  • Competitive play

Although I hope more users will join in with time, I believe that we should proactively spread knowledge of this wikis, Tribes: Ascend, existence.

Wishing you the best, EsPY

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