Today is February 3, 2012, just a day after Hi-Rez Studios released patch 0.1.742 for Tribes: Ascend. This is patch added a ton of major changes to how Tribes: Ascend works, a few examples are the introduction of customization, the merge of 3 classes (where previously there was 12 classes, now this is only 9), and the addition of extra weapons. If you haven't read over the patch note, they may be found here.

How does this patch affect tribes.wikia?

This patched changed how classes worked, making the class system no longer static. This new dynamic class system voids our class specific articles. The new class articles will need incorporate the availability of new weapons and the changes in upgrading that class.

Of course with the merger of Ranger into Soldier, Jumper into Pathfinder, and Scrambler into Raider, the merged class articles and references have become obsolete. These references and articles must therefore be updated and changed to reflect the current patch.

If you find any outdated reference, please fix it or make a post about it on our forums.

Proposed change for Tribes.wikia

Class articles

  • Overview
  • Available Primary Weapons(with appropriate link to that weapon)
  • Available Secondary Weapons
  • Belt Item
  • Pack
  • Armor Upgrades
    • list upgrades
  • Primary Perks
  • Secondary Perks
  • Roles

Of course if you have feedback on this change to the class articles or anything other changes in the latest patch please leave a comment below or in the forums.

TribesRockSteady made a wonderful class description box that I think should be used for default loadout for that class.

Have fun playing Tribes and contributing to tribes.wikia



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