Things that I am looking to work on this week is

  • Beginner's Guide to Tribes ascend

This article will focus on the basics from controls & skiing/jetpacking to leading projectile shots. Have anything to add to it? please do!

  • Description of classes

Just high level obvious stuff

  • Roles of classes

More indepth tactics and strategies for each class. Have a class that you own(by that I mean win matches not just DM skills) at? feel free to write that classes strat, k thanks.

  • Maintain a Unity for Tribes: Ascend pages

By this I mean make sure each class/weapon/map page have the same information for the ease of the end users.

Things that need to be done not necessarily this week/end

  • weapon pages

Information about each weapon(DPS, speed, etc.)

  • Categorize pages

For the ease of the end users

  • More users

with time, we're on the PSA on T:A forums. potentially a post on reddit/Tribes sometime

  • Competitive play

We will need to wait till after the tourney to see how it is for T:A

Shazbot, EsPY

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