To pilot a Vehicle, jump into it. To get out, press the Jump key. Only a player in light armor can pilot. With vehicles that hold multiple players, the first player in light armor to jump aboard becomes the pilot. Vehicles are not team-specific; it is possible (and often desirable) to steal an enemy’s vehicles, since there is only a limited number that can be purchased in a mission by each team. All vehicles use the same movement keys as the player. All vehicles have vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities. Pressing the jetpack key will cause the vehicles to move vertically if you are not pressing any other movement keys.

Scout FlyerEdit

The Gyrfalcon one-man flyer is an invaluable advance reconnaissance vehicle, highly maneuverable, and armed with rockets. While very fast, it has a low ceiling and is extremely vulnerable to ground fire.

Light Personnel Carrier (LPC)Edit

The Wyvern Light Personnel Carrier can carry up to two players in addition to a pilot. Tribesmen being carried in the LPC can fire from their position. Functions similarly to the Gyrfalcon, but is slower and less maneuverable.

Heavy Personnel Carrier (HPC)Edit

The Dragon Heavy Personnel Carrier holds up to four players in addition to a pilot. Being able to hold this many players, it also functions as a floating gunship, raining death and destruction upon an enemy position. It is, however, far slower and less maneuverable than the smaller Wyvern.

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