Major HighlightsEdit

  • Several optimizations have been made for machines using low or minimal settings.

Weapon/Balance ItemsEdit

  • Base Sensors no longer require line of sight to to a Technician’s Deployable Repair Kit in order to be repaired.
  • Increased direct hit multiplier from 1.4 to 1.6 on Pathfinder’s Blinksfusor, and reduced aoe radius by 5%.
  • Increased knockback on Pathfinder’s Impact Nitron by 20%. (It’s now roughly half that of the Explosive Nitron).
  • Decreased fire rate by 20% on Phase Rifle and SAP 20. Note: this lengthens the delay between shots allowed, but it does not change the time for energy to regenerate to a full shot.
  • Fixed issues preventing deployable repair kits from repairing Base Radars.
  • Fixed issue on Sentinel’s Nova Blaster’s where the weapons were mistakenly getting partial inheritance. They are now the same as other Automatics and Projectile based pistols.

Additional ItemsEdit

  • Several platform changes have been made to improve the game’s support for 3rd Party Distribution and Publishing partners.
  • Fixed issue where Simulated Projectiles setting was not saving properly.
  • Fixed issue on Blinksfusor where reload sound was not playing properly.
  • Fixed issue on Spare Spinfusor where it appeared as a Blinksfusor to enemies.
  • Fixed issue on Permafrost where corpses could pass through certain areas.

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